Truck Moving Service

For a local Montreal Island move, our rate for two movers and a truck is $105/h plus one hour of travel time to your location (taxes not included). The rate is the same everyday, except during peak periods such as the last two weeks of June.

If one or both addresses are outside the Island of Montreal, the hourly rate is adjusted to include the cost of fuel and mileage, and the travel time to your location is adjusted according to the distance between the addresses and our warehouse.

Bike Moving Service

Our base rate is $75/h for two movers. If you have only 4 items or less to move, you may benefit from our small delivery discount and save from 5 to to 35%. For transportation towards the écocentre you may get a 35% discount.

Prices do not include taxes and rates may be higher during peak periods such as the last two weeks of June.

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Invoicing is done by 15 minutes increments (rounded up), with a minimum of one work hour (handling and transport) and a minimum of one travel hour (travel time to the work location).


For the payment, we accept cash as well as Visa and Mastercard credit cards for a 3% charge. We also take company checks but not personal checks.

Insurance and equipment

Our prices include an insurance coverage as well as all the necessary equipment for your move, including padded blankets to protect your furniture as well as a quality mattress cover.


For a cost-efficient move, please refer to our handy tips page.